MACRO-APE  MAtrix CompaRisOn by Approximate P-value Estimation

macroape software allows efficient comparison of transcription factor binding models (often called motifs) represented as position weight matrices (PWM) with given score thresholds.

[HOT] Check new-and-improved MACRO-PERFECTOS-APE in a single Java package.

[HOT] Check the corresponding paper in Algorithms Mol Biol.

To use macroape you need ruby >=1.9.3 installed. Most modern Linux distributions have ruby 1.9 available in package repositories. Windows users can directly go to the downloads section here.


[JANUARY 2014]
macroape v4.c minor update over 4.b
manual v4.0 (pdf, docx)
hocomoco v9 TFBS model collection to be used with macroape


macroape v3.b
manual v3.0

macroape v2.0
manual v2.0

macroape v1.0

Funding: This work was supported, in part, by a Dynasty Foundation Fellowship; Russian Foundation for Basic Research [12-04-32082-mol_a and 12-04-01736-a]; Program "Cell and Molecular Biology" of the Presidium of RAS.