1. svist4get logo

    svist4get: visualization of genomic signal tracks

    A simple bioinformatics tool for visualization of genomic signal tracks in user-defined genomic windows, either arbitrary selected by genomic coordinates or anchored to particular transcripts or genes, read more.

  2. HOCOMOCO logo

    HOCOMOCO: motif collection

    HOmo sapiens transcription factor COmprehensive MOdel COllection contains transcription factor (TF) binding models (motifs). The current release (v11) includes models for 680 human and 453 mouse TFs, new website, old website.

  3. MoLoTool logo

    MoLoTool: interactive motif finding

    Transcription Factor Motif Location Toolbox is an interactive web application to scan DNA sequences for transcription factor binding sites (TFBS) with position weight matrices presented in HOCOMOCO model collection, see in action.


    MACRO-PERFECTOS-APE: motif analysis

    MAtrix CompaRisOn and PrEdicting Regulatory Functional Effect by Approximate P-value Estimation toolbox allows estimating motif P-values, comparing PWMs using natural Jaccard similarity measure and motif-based analysis of regulatory SNVs for mono- and dinucleotide PWMs, read more here and there.

  5. new ChIPMunk logo

    ChIPMunk: motif discovery

    ChIPMunk is a fast heuristic DNA motif digger based a on greedy approach accompanied by bootstrapping. Now classic and dinucleotide versions come in a single updated package, read more.

  6. SPRY-SARUS logo

    SPRY-SARUS: command-line motif finding

    Straightforward yet Powerful Rapid SuperAlphabet Representation Utilized for motif Search is as practical command-line ChIPMunk companion, read more.

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