MACRO-PERFECTOS-APE: motif analysis

    MAtrix CompaRisOn and PrEdicting Regulatory Functional Effect by Approximate P-value Estimation toolbox allows estimating motif P-values, comparing PWMs using natural Jaccard similarity measure and motif-based analysis of regulatory SNVs for mono- and dinucleotide PWMs, read more here and there.

  2. new ChIPMunk logo

    ChIPMunk: motif discovery

    ChIPMunk is a fast heuristic DNA motif digger based a on greedy approach accompanied by bootstrapping. Now classic and dinucleotide versions come in a single updated package, read more.

  3. SPRY-SARUS logo

    SPRY-SARUS: motif finding

    Straightforward yet Powerful Rapid SuperAlphabet Representation Utilized for motif Search is as practical ChIPMunk companion, read more.

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