1. MACRO-APE logo

    MACRO-APE: motif comparison

    MAtrix CompaRisOn by Approximate P-value Estimation toolbox allows estimating motif P-values and comparing PWMs using natural Jaccard similarity measure, read more.

  2. ChIPMunk logo

    ChIPMunk: motif discovery

    ChIPMunk is a fast heuristic DNA motif digger based a on greedy approach accompanied by bootstrapping, read more.

  3. SeSiMCMC logo

    SeSiMCMC: motif discovery

    Sequence Similarities by Marcov Chain Monte Carlo (SeSiMCMC): Yet Another Digging For DNA Motifs Gibbs Sampler, read more.

  4. APSampler logo

    APSampler: association analysis

    APSampler is a tool that allows multi-locus and multi-level association analysis of genotypic and phenotypic data,
    read more.

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